5 easy hair hacks you need to know for summer

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Summer is almost here and it’s time to get out and have fun with family and friends. You don’t have time to waste, so here are some simple hair hacks to get you out the door looking your best, without all the drama. Get the look with these easy hair hacks!

#1 Beach waves

Forget the wand and get your hands to work, using a texturizing product like Kevin Murphy Hair Resort or Easy Rider on damp hair, section hair into 4 partings (from the ears forward and split the back in half) then take each section and roll away from the face, making long barrel rolls. Give it a quick shot from your dryer to set product, let cool and run your fingers through. The finished effect is perfectly undone waves with just enough volume. This technique also creates volume in limp, straight hair. You can also use this method to smooth unruly natural waves.

#2 No Crease Ponytail

Sometimes you want to put your hair up for a quick moment to keep hair out of your face or off your neck. But a hair elastic can leave that awkward bend in your blowout. Avoid that crease altogether by using your own strands as a hair tie. Gather two small sections of hair right behind the ears and knot around your pony. Stick in one bobby pin at the base to keep the style from unraveling. Then when you’re ready to rock your waves again, you can easily loosen the knot.

#3 Zig Zag Part

Keep those roots from showing, with a fuller look of a zig zag part. Using the tip of a tail comb, start at the front of your hairline at the part, as you slowly move toward the back of the head work the tip of the comb back and forth across each side of the part till you reach the crown.(Neatness doesn’t count here) Separate hair, finish and define with Eufora Full Effect Dry Texture Spray($32) to create volume with control that lasts.

#4 Quick up-do

Get control of yourself! Stay cool and get that hair up, up and away! Tame ends & unwanted Frizz with either Kevin Murphy Staying Alive Leave-In treatment or Eufora Leave-In Hydration, and brush smooth. (Bobby pins required) Start with a light spritz of Eufora Dry Texture Spray at the roots and ponytail area, then section hair in two at the base of the neck (side or middle) criss cross hair and loop through, tie a knot, repeat knot and pin ends of knot to secure. Finishing Spray is optional for longer hold.

#5 Half up do

Not enough time for the full monte, try this quickie! (Bobby pins required) Apply Dry texture spray at roots and back comb the crown area, grab small sections of hair around the face in front of the ears, criss cross stands at back of head and secure with bobby pins creating a parallel pattern or X pattern with pins. Finish with Eufora Uplift Extra Firm Finishing Spray.

Need a tutorial on these styles? Schedule your next appointment and I’ll show you how! Call/text Robin @ 904-655-8956 or book online at  www.robinbhair.com

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